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Villa de Noja Apartments Villa de Noja Apartments
What to visit?
Cantabria; every corner is unique, discover them .
The town of Potes is in the centre of the Liébana region, where the rivers Deva and Quiviesa meet. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and situated at the confluence of four valleys, the town has a rich past.

This municipality is one of the most attractive in Cantabria thanks to its geographical peculiarities.
It is located to 117 Km. from Santander and it has very good connections with the rest of Cantabria. Potes is very close to the National Park of the Peaks of Europe, to the Fuente Dé state-run hotel and to the Santo Toribio Monastery.
We show your our proposals in order that you can programme your excursions. You will not repent, every place is unique and different.

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