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Villa de Noja, Apartaments and restaurant
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Villa de Noja Apartments Villa de Noja Apartments
In a privileged area
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At north, the Cantabrian sea forms the spectacular natural border of the municipality of Noja.
At West, the marsh of the Joyel and the estuary of Quejo and on the west the impressive Brusco Mount (limit with Santoña) that separates the beach of Tregandín and the beach of Berria.

At southeast, there is another very important marsh, the Victoria marsh, to 10 minutes walking from the City Hall of the Village.

At south, the "Siete Villas" Castle and Argoños is located in the southeast of Noja, all of them complete the borders of the municipality of Noja.

How to arrive in Noja?
By car

Thanks to the dual carriageway A-8 we are to 70 km from Bilbao, to 40 km from Santander, to 176 km. from San Sebastián and to 115 km. from France and to just 158 km. from Burgos.

By train

The train line SANTANDER-BILBAO has located the closest station of FEVE (Ph. 942 211 687) in Beranga, just to 10 Km. away.

In coach

The coach line that works in Noja is ALSA (Ph. 942 221 685) and the available lines are: SANTANDER-NOJA, LAREDO-SANTOÑA-NOJA and BILBAO-LAREDO-NOJA.

In airplane

The closer airports are: PARAYAS (SANTANDER) to 40 Km. away. Ph. 942 202 100. LA PALOMA (BIZKAIA) to 70 Km. away. Ph. 902 353 570

C/. Los Nogales, 3-39180 Noja (Cantabria). Ph.: 942 628 802 - 607 744 297 Fax: 942 628 829